Sitting with yourself

I remember a story about a Khoi San tribe that had to be relocated. They were quite exited because they were going to a place that had more advantages for them. So for a few days they marched with vigor and excitement. Then one morning they just sat around. When the officials asked them why they were not going to march, they replied: “We are waiting for our souls to catch up with us.”

Beautiful is it not? I think a lot of us can associate with this story. Our day to day programs are a rush from one appointment to another, one task to be completed before the other can be started and all of them against a deadline. And someway along the line we lose touch with ourselves.

Yesterday I sat with myself for the most of the day. Giving my soul time to catch up with me.

At times it was difficult.Often  I had to stop my mind from reminding me of all the actions on the to do list. Those mental maps that drive us to be productive are very strong. I think it is because we link them to being valuable and worthy. I realized that it is an unnecessarily link. One that was most propably made for us by society. “If you do not performe, you are not valueable.”

It is a bit of a narcissistic societal norm, don’t you think. Basically it says: “As long as you can do thinks for me, you are valuable.”

The truth is we are valuable – full stop. Our value lies in who we are not in what we can do.

Sitting with ourselves acknowledges this primary law of the universe. Sitting with ourselves allows us to enjoy our own beauty. Yes we are beautiful.With our warts and all. The dark side in us in our life accentuates the light. Enjoy both. They are equals.

Only when we can be with ourselves can we start to add value to the world. Not by what we do, but by who we are when we do it.

So, give yourself permission to be yourself. You may sit and do nothing. Enjoy it.

Switch off the brain that wants to make you feel guilty. In fact be rebellious and do nothing in spite of the guilt and to do reminder that tries to hog your attention.

Just sit and let your soul catch up.