Rebelling against the truth

The truth is greater than our experience of it. This insight is essential in our journey to know our truth.

In the proses of seeking truth we naturally draw boundaries around the insights we perceive of our experiences of truth. Through this boundaries we capture those liberating experiences that set us free. These boundaries are normal and natural. They are valuable mind maps  we form to make sense of our world.

What tends to happen is the reluctance to test these boundaries once they have formed. Mostly because perceptions of the truth are inherited. Our parents, our culture and institutions in our society hand us these ready made boundaries around segments  of the truth.

This acceptable up to a point. What usually happens is, we rebel against these hand me downs. Whether it happens in adolescence or in a mid life crisis, we come to a point were we question our given reality.

This rebellion is actually healthy, but is mostly seen as unacceptable. Either by society or by our own inner ethical stance. In my mind this is perceived as unacceptable because we tend to jump to the conclusion that the rebellion is against the sacred truth.

In fact – What is seen as rebelling against the truth, is actually rebelling against the boundary that was set around that piece of the truth that we needed to come this far. I would like to suggest that we see the rebellion as a sign that we have grown past the usefulness of this mind map of the truth. That the truth actually wants to introduce more of itself to us and that it is the truth that initiates this rebellion.

Rebelling against the boundary is our spirit becoming uncomfortable with the space that was allowed by the boundary.

Like a child that has out grown her shoes and need her mother to buy her a new pair. So rather than forcing the spirit into a shoe that is to small for it, go shopping for a new pair.

Embrace the rebellion. Use it to explore the truth in all its beautiful nuances. See, taste and smell every flavor and then choose your new boundary.

Just remember that the truth is greater than our experience of it, so do not set those boundaries to strong. You will be needing a new pair of shoes shortly.

In Rebellion