Measurement of success

A true measurement of success is not what goal you achieve, but what you have to overcome to achieve the goal.

A recurring theme I have to deal with when I coach with horses is the concept of being successful. As the client goes through the exercise they seems successful from my viewpoint, but not from their own. So they try again and again. Frustrated in the end they feel like they have failed.

We then go through the process of understanding expectations. What is success for you and how will you know you have achieved it? So often we have this picture in our mind of how life must be that we miss how life really is.

My clients have an expectation of how the exercise must be. This opinion is formed on what they think how I or the expert horse people will do the exercise. Not remembering I specifically told them there is no right or wrong and they must find a way that works for them.

Most of us make this mistake. We measure ourselves with someone else’s yardstick. This in my mind is a bit crazy. Nobody will measure distance with a measuring cup. No we use the right metric for the right quantity. We measure distance in kilometers and fluid in liters. Why then do we not measure our self with the appropriate measuring device?

Probably because very few of us take the time to decide what our own definition of success is. Do you know what you really want?

I invite you to think beyond the pleasurable satisfaction of needs that the marketers created for us. Listen to your unique voice. That deep stirring that asks to be released. It is your strengths, your wow-ness that wants to be engaged with life.

Make sure the picture in your head is your own and not someone else’s. Re-align that picture with your unique strengths and jump into life. Real life! That what is happening with you now! Get out of the future or the past. Engage with your daily challenges. Allow your strengths to be exhibited, tested and rewarded.

Because success is measured not by what you achieve, but by what you overcome to achieve it.

With Wow-ness