The authority of decisive mistakes (Part 1)

A few days ago a young man sat before me, asking me which way to go next. As I listened to him, I remembered a friend’s comment when we were his age. “We are young enough to make mistakes and recover”

Someone else asked me how we know if we make the right decisions. I told her I think we always make the right decisions. No one deliberately choose to make mistakes. It is always in hind sight that we realize we should have chosen a different option.

Maybe we should explore our unique decision making process. Every one has one. Some are more developed than others and some are more effective than others. But each one of us has one.

To decide between options is grounded in human capability to choose. To be able to choose is one of the fundamental human abilities. This flows out of the universal law that each one has authority over him/herself.

This authority is sometimes given away. In some instances this is healthy. For example a child that needs to be taken care of. Or in a democratic election to vote for a political party is to give that party your authority to govern the society you live in.

When personal authority is given away, it is always given in trust. The person receiving that authority then has the responsibility to give that authority back with interest. A parent needs to give opportunities to the child to grow into taking up their own authority. A government must create opportunities for the people to live in freedom and peace etc.

When someone or a collective arrogantly think their authority is of a higher or better kind they think they can take other people’s authority (usually by force). This has happened all over history: War’s between nations, colonialism, manipulation in relationships, corruption in government and so on.

Very important though. These people can just be successful if they are given the authority by the other. Authority, like trust, is never something you can take or deserve, it is always a gift.

So, what we need to be aware of constantly in our decision making process, is how do I distribute my authority?

With care