I am not my thought, I have thoughts

I am not my thoughts. What I think does not determine who I am. My thoughts are something I do in order to live optimally.

Let us take a step back.

Remember all I am, I am in process.  In this process I use the two tools I have in order to function optimally – my body and my mind. In my mind are my thoughts.

Think of your brain as the hardware and your mind as the software of this beautiful organic computer you have. Your thoughts are the documents or presentations you create.

You are not your thoughts, you create your thoughts to function effectively or not in your life.

Most people are not aware of this. They just run on autopilot.

Autopilot is not bad. We do not want to think of every breath or heartbeat. Luckily that takes care of itself. The challenge comes when we want to live optimally or deal with a problem effectively.

Then we need to master the use of our mind in order to produce effective thoughts. Thoughts that bring as were we want to be.

The first skill to master is to be aware of your own thought process. Do you know how you came to the conclusions you live with? Are you clear about the assumptions you build your interpretations on?  Do you see the repetitive patterns in your thinking that makes you get stuck?

First be aware, and then go to the next skill level of thinking creative and analytically.

Yes we all have the ability to think creative or be analytical. Analytical thinking and Creative thinking are two major functions of the brain. The brain has the ability to think in detail and think holistically. It is built into our motherboard. We use it or not, depending on the situation and our awareness of what thinking tool to use in the situation. These thinking tools allow us to deal effectively or ineffectively with the situation we are in.

The point is, as Martin Seligman said, we can train our mind like an athlete trains his/her body to function optimally. This training starts with dis-identifying with your thoughts in order to observe then and then change them to bring us the results we want in live.

We are not our thoughts, we have thoughts. Let us use these thoughts optimally.

Thinking with you.