Time flies when you’re having fun

October is moving into its second half. Then, two months away, 2013 starts.

Often I hear how time flies. People comment on it like the weather, just something to fill that superficial conversation space. Comments like “Where has the time gone too?” often pop up.

Been thinking on it lately.

Our sense of time is a very human invention and always a bit relative.  We tend to thing in a linear framework when we do think about time – past, present, future. We struggle to manage our time (something I think is ridiculous to do) because we have so much to do.

Time cannot be managed.

Essentially, that what we call time is the earth revolving around its own axle. How do you manage that? Seconds, minutes, hours, days, months and years are only an agreed upon measurements we use to create some sort of order.

Imagine a world without this measurement! How will your life be different?

We would probably be less stressed. There will be more chaos. We would have to learn patience and we would probably appreciate things more. We would do those things that have real importance for us.

And that is just it. We cannot manage time, but we can manage the activities we do in a time frame. The focus then falls on what you do. On what you are busy with.

This reminds me of one of Steve Jobs comments: “I ask myself, if I would die tomorrow, will I still be doing what I do today? And if the answer is ‘no’ too many mornings in a row, I know I need to chance.”

What you do therefore needs to be meaningful. The action needs to carry you forward. Take you closer to your goal, your vision

Focusing on the activity also allows us to move into flow easier. One of the characteristics of flow is a loss of the sense of time. One becomes so engaged in the activity, that all else falls away. Because you are having fun in what you are doing, time just slips away.

So, rather than complaining about how little time you have, be grateful that you have something to do. Just make sure what you are doing is meaningful.

For myself, I came to realize that this year have flown past. So much has happened – good and bad. But I can now confess: I had fun. I did not notice the time as it flowed by. I was busy living my live to the fullest.

May I challenge you? Let’s race to the end of the year and see who has the most fun!