Woman, Beauty and the strength of your soul

Woman’s day and woman’s month is celebrated. I like it.

Being a heterosexual man, I like most things about women. Their beauty, their strength, their resilience to name but a few obvious things. To celebrate woman’s day makes a lot of sense to me.

I know the initial reason for woman’s day is a bit more political¬† and socially minded – woman’s liberation, abuse against woman and their rights in a male dominated society etc. But from my point of view, these are a bit reactive and addressing symptoms.

Those who think we live in a mans world is a bit delusional. No man can exist without a woman. Since the industrial age, very few men were not raised by a woman, and the absent fathers created generations of boys with a woman’s perspective of a man. The natural reaction to this, created the complex society in which we now need to celebrate woman’s day with a political agenda.

Personally I think we should rather celebrate appreciation of beauty.

Appreciation of beauty is one of the character strengths that can lead to flow. Understanding the mechanism of this strength is important to incorporate this strength in optimal human functioning.

Boesman met attitudeIt is not necessarily just that what is acceptable to our aesthetic sense.  Yes, a sunset is beautiful. A child or a puppy is beautiful.

Appreciation of beauty is the ability to see beyond the surface.

It is to see the beauty in the man sitting in his wheelchair studying to get his degree.

It is to see the mother raising her children on a single salary. It is the father that creates opportunities for his daughter that he never had. It is the passionate spending of every last drop of energy to build a dream.

It is in the wife who protects her husbands ego. It is in the boy who looks after his baby sister. It is in the astonished laughter of a child exploring the cat underneath the table. It is in the woman who denies her rapist control over the rest of her life.

Appreciation of beauty is the ability to look past the surface of reality and see the awesomeness of life. I think this needs to be celebrated.