Leadership Coaching

Leadership Coaching and Development

Business leaders are leaders because they are good at what they do. They are successful because of their passion for and drive towards a strong vision.

They are able to go far on their own, but those that turn being good into being great, understand that they are just as strong as their team is. An Executive Leadership Coach makes a valuable team member in improving performance and developing leadership to the next level.

Business performance and Leadership Coaching is seen a helping relationship between a client who has managerial authority and responsibility in an organisation, and an Executive Leadership coach who has a wide variety of skills, behavioral techniques and methodologies which enable the executive client to improve their performance and effectiveness within their organization.

This coaching relationship is a confidential, highly-personal learning process, involving action learning and working in partnership, the result is that the executive achieves better and faster result-oriented outcomes.

It is a highly individualized form of leadership development and support, because it is based on the understanding that in order to be maximally effective, Leaders must effectively tap into their own brain, accurately identify their strengths and weaknesses, examine the impact of their behavior on others, and regularly and intentionally reflect on their values, goals, and effectiveness.

The whole coaching experience is structured to bring about effective action, performance improvement, and personal growth for the individual leader, as well as better results for the organization’s core business.

Terrific Teams

Terrific Teams @ QFC – Take your team to a new level with this unique intervention. 

How does it differ from traditional Team Building events? One-day events often leave teams with short-lived high spirits and noble resolutions.  Terrific Teams @ QFC offers a Team Lift-Off day followed by a three to six month team coaching series.  Goals are not only set, but met and transcended.  New thinking patterns and habits are hardwired. Collaboration of strengths becomes a new status quo.

The result? – Motivated, Effective and Engaged Teams.

Some of our clients come from:

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