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11 thoughts on “Contact us

  1. Quantumflow (Herman Veitch) het my besigheid van ‘n gemiddelde besigheid na ‘n groot rolspeler in die nasionale firma geneem! Nie net het almal in die firma tot die besef gekom dat hulle persoonlike potensiaal baie groter is nie, maar dat hulle die nodige aanpassings gedoen het om dit te behaal. As besgheidseienaar was die grootste aanpassing die bestuur en motivering van my personeel, terwyl my besigheid nie daaronder ly nie. Tesame het ek die nodige skills aangeleer, sisteme in plek gesit, aan persone gedeligeer wat kon help, om sodoende my tyd te spandeer aan die areas waarin ek ‘n verskil kon maak aan die “bottomline” van my besigheid. Wat ‘n wonderlike ervaring! Ek beveel coaching aan enige persoon en besigheid aan wat ernstig daaroor is om groot hoogtes te bereik.

  2. Dear Herman, Marlene, Deon, Henda and the Quantum Flow team.

    I was just referred to your work as we completed a clinical trial with Tim Noakes’ team the Dept. of Sports Psychology as well as with Discovery Health and Momentum which informed my PhD.

    I am moving to Bloemfontein to take up a relationship with the UFS business school and launch & possibly ICF in Bloem and wanted to collaborate with you perhaps.

    My work has a special interest in sport psych, wellness and leadership and we are currently completing a project with Medi-Clinic in CT which might migrate to Bloem.

    As a result can we please pleases set up a telecon or skype to discuss these points further to see if we can collaborate in these areas.

    Have a great weekend:)

  3. I saw your site and think it is so amazing. I am 41, andin a abusive marrage for the past 23 years, I tried to leave several times for the sake of my 3 kids and I, but could never keep ajob or he would never leave us alone. In the end I just gave up. I am here in this hopeless life but keep holding on and try to be strong, because my kids need me. Sometimes I wonder, if I was never strong enough, or am I just a failure.Is there any hope for us?

    • Hallo Yolande

      Thank you for your email. I would also like to acknowledge your candor in sharing your situation.

      I would like to recommend you seek assistance from people that specialize in supporting woman who are in abusive relationships. Unfortunately this falls outside my scope of practice.

      Can I recommend the following link:

      I hope this helps


  4. Kan iemand my asb sê of daar iemand is wat n skoolseun kan help om meer self vertroue en n mind shift te kan doen.

  5. Dear Herman
    My name is Mpho I’m a 31 year old mother of a 2year old boy and in a serious relationship. Recently me and my partner decided of start our own businesses and chose to start with one business at a time and now he’s put me in charge of all the researches’ and administration and now because I didn’t do any business related studies and I’m not really a theoretical type I’m a bit anxious and often doubt that I will be able to cope….please I’m not sure where to from now and I’m hoping you could be able to help

    • Hello Mpho
      Thank you for reaching out to me. The process starts with a free exploration session. In this session we would like to have a clear of your current situation as well as your envisioned future reality. If you are interested, please schedule an appointment on or home page.

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