Business Coaching

Quantum Flow Business coaching co-creates their clients vision for their business.

A business is run by systems and people run the systems” – Michael Gerber

Business owner operators have a lot invested in their business. For them, this is not just a way to make a living, but ultimately the way to create the future they dream of.  It is therefore a non-negotiable that the business is successful.

Depending on where the business is in its developmental phase, from start-up to mature, each business has unique challenges. But all of these challenges eventually land on the desk of the business owner.

Quantum Flow Business coaches play an enabling role of being an objective sounding board for business owners to think through these challenges. We also become a thinking partner for business owners in creating the best business model for their businesses.

One of the biggest challenges a business owner has to face is the have his employees earn a good ROI on their salaries. Quantum Flow business coaches think with their clients on how to create an engaged, motivated and efficient workforce.

A photograph of two people working togetherIn this collaborative business coaching process we co-create the business owner’s vision by thinking systemically through their business, plan with them the important milestones to reach and then empower them and their staff to grow the business.


“Principle number one is to refine rules and processes before adding people. Using people to leverage a refined process multiplies production; using people as a solution to poor process multiplies problems” – Timothy Ferriss

How do we go about co-creating our clients vision? Other than in person coaching conversations we have with our clients, we also use system building software that works from the vision though the balance scorecard right to checklists and templates to compile a custom made manual for our clients. We can also prepare business plans and have a comprehensive marketing e-learning programme that helps clients to double their client base.

Do you think business coaching would add value to your business? Book a free exploration session with one of the coaches.

How do you know if you can benefit from a business coach? Complete this free business assessment and we will email you the results.

One thought on “Business Coaching

  1. I did Business Couching with Herman a while back and I would not have taken action on some of the vitally important systems and applications by myself. This is an on-going process which I am still working at, unfortunately not as prompt when you’re not held accountable by your couch. Thank you, Herman for adding great value to Chrysalis Advertising & Publishing.

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