Speaking your Truth

I recently had the liberating experience of speaking my truth to a trusted friend.

Up to that point I was stuck. the issue was preoccupying me. I was aware of the fact that I spend way to much thinking energy on this issue, but regardless of this awareness, I was stuck.

I know this place. I see it in many of my clients. Now I can acknowledge myself for also being a beautiful human being. One that gets stuck and need someone to unstuck me. Someone to hold the space for me while I speak my truth.

Speaking our truth scares us. We have this preconceived idea that if we say what we really think and feel, we will be rejected. This fear come from a very deep need to be related. To belong, to be connected. And we tend to believe the lie that we will be rejected if we do speak our truth.

Listen, I often speak the truth to people. My clients rely on me for that. But I take responsibility for very seldomly speak my truth. Because, I too have this false mental map. And this fear got me stuck.

Having the courage to trust someone enough to speak my truth to them, unblocked me and gave me a deeper connection and acceptance. Increasing just that what I feared I would lose.

And I realize that this can become a new habit of expressing my integrity.

Ash Beckham gave a awesome TED talk on how to get out of the closet in everyday life and in every day relationships.

I find her insight powerful. Her talk started my journey on speaking my truth to those I care enough for. May I invite you to do the same?

In truth


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