The Don’t Know Mind

“One way to encourage intuition is to enter what Korean Zen master Sueng Sahn call the “Don’t Know Mind”.

It is important to remember that in order to develop curiosity and fascination as a way of being in the world, we have to concentrate on the curiosity itself and not let ourselves get seduced into the habit of grasping for answers.

It is easy to have the illusion that understanding something will make everything better. If this was true, the smartest people would be the happiest.

Happiness involves many other factors beside knowledge.

The desire to know is a strong motivating factor in our intellectual learning. The spiritual approach is to be able to take a completely fresh view of each moment. Even when we have an answer, it is right only for its moment, because the next moment is completely new.”
– Wendy Palmer in “The Intuitive Body”

Thought I’ll share

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