Our debt to the universe and what lying has to do with it

Year ago a client shared an mental map he had of life. He said we all have a debt to pay to the universe. and we have a choice – pay it regularly or procrastinate and pay all the cumilated interest in one big payment.

Referring to an emotional debt, he was of opinion that we (especially men) need to cultivate the ability to be true to our emotional experiences, own it and express it in a constructive way. This was his way of paying of the debt on a monthly basis. If we neglect this, the emotional interest will build up and demand payment once of in the form of a heart attack, burnout or social loneliness.

This framework stuck with me and I think we can apply it to the embryo, the starting point of all personal power and happiness – taking responsibility for yourself.

I would like to disagree with my client on an important point, though. I do not think we have a debt to pay. I think we simple have an account. And it is our choice to build a positive saldo throughout life or borrow from the universe.

The sooner we choose to take responsibility for our life, the sooner we can build up an emotional nest egg, from which we can withdraw when life demands it.

Not taking responsibility for our life, is like using a credit card to buy stuff. You owe life the energy you are consuming.  And it seems life has a way of collecting.

So what has lying got to do with all this?

I think lying is the act of withdrawing from our account. Being truthful is the deposit.

When we lie. Especially when we lie to ourselves, we choose not to take responsibility. We shift blame and give reasons. Our cognitive dissonance kicks in and we do not want to accept that we are the cause of the life we are experiencing. We give our personal authority away and our mistakes becomes bags of regret that bog us down.

In contrast, when we own up. we make a deposit. When we choose to say “I am responsible” then we have the emotional energy to actually do something about our situation. We securely keep our personal authority internal. Then mistakes become fertile learning experiences and stepping stones to creating our vision.

The invitation then is, take responsibility for your life account and start building a positive balance.

Still depositing.


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