Proper Preparation

“Proper preparation prevents poor performance” – I got these words from some or other motivational speaker a few years ago. Cannot remember who the guy was, but the words stuck.

So the New Year started very actively in our household. My wife painting furniture and putting up wall paper and generally sorting things out. Of course I was made part of the task team. All in all, our house now has a new vibe in it (My wife is good at stuff like this).

One of my tasks was to fix a cabinet whose doors needed to stay close. True to my nature, I first analysed what will be the short cut to get the job done. Be_PreparedThinking about it, I realized (remembering all the previous times I choose the shortcut and had to repeat the job) that the best way was to first get the electrical drill, choose the right bit, get the screwdriver set, etc, etc. So with all the tools arranged around me, I started the job. And wouldn’t you believe it. Job done in now time at all.

This had quite an impact on me. Realizing, the more you prepare, the better the performance. This was confirmed again with hanging the wallpaper, again when I need to prepare supper. And suddenly I have a new year’s resolution. I am going to prepare as much as I can.

It is not that I haven’t done it before.  This time I am just going to be more conscious about it. I have this expectation that the proses of preparation will become more enjoyable. That the Flow state will be present, and that I will be adding even more value to my clients.

In the words of Alexander Bell: “Before anything else, preparation is the key to success.”



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