Happiness – The Awareness of it.

Am I condescending, confused or just concerned? When I observe the world around me I often get confused. I see people constantly looking for happiness. Simultaneously I hear them struggling for survival.

I read about salvation and solutions – normally in the form of a quote on how to be happy or what to buy that will make your life easy. Sometimes it comes in the form of a warning – don’t eat that food, beware of that government conspiracy. The only constant is the bombardment of information from all over the world.  

I understand that happiness is unto each person his own and very relative. For one it is giving his family a piece of bread, for the other taking his family to an exotic destination. From my research I understand that happiness is the result of a live well lived. And to live your life well you have to have at least six dimensions present in your life. These include having a positive self-esteem, being autonomous, mastering your environment, having positive relationships with other people, experiencing personal development and having a sense of purpose.

That said I am concerned about the level at which most people function.  The average person seems unwilling to engage in the work needed to be done to be happy. People do stupid things in pursuit of happiness and all they get is a few moments of pleasure.

Observing this, we might say people don’t think for themselves, that common sense is not that common. But do these comments not sound condescending? As if we, the observer do think for ourselves and they do not. Well – beware of what is projected on others, it shows a lot of the one doing the projection.

Still, the confusion is not lifted. Even with the mirror up in front me. With all this wonderful information, even knowledge, available, happiness still is elusive. Paradoxically, even though we live in a global world, our reality is only as big as our awareness of it. And it is our awareness that dictates our happiness. The question then arises: How aware are you? Not of stuff, but of your own influence on reality. What you are conscious of, dictates what is real for you. What is real for you determines how well you live your life. This in turn determines your level of happiness.

So how aware are you? Of what are you conscious and of what are you not conscious?

In the end, the questions you ask of yourself, determine the type of person you become.

Trying to be aware


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