Regarding Potential – A No Perspective

No, you do not have unlimited potential. Your potential is as limited as the capacity of your heart and body’s health.
No, you may not hide behind this fact and use it as a excuse to complain about life passing you by.
I know of a lot of people in wheelchairs or people that are visually impaired that live a full and meaningful life.
No, you cannot become anything you want to. But yes, you can become more than what you are now. Most people have not even scratched the surface of their ability. They stagnate in a childish expectation that someone or something must come and give them their dream life. Most of us are no longer children depending on caregivers, we have in us everything we need to create the life we want. All we need to do is take the effort to identify what we want, plan how we are going to get it and then start the hard work of creating ourselves. It is the expectation that things must come easy that prevent us from achieving our dreams.

No, you are not too weak (or untalented or underprivileged) to create the life you want. We, humans are stronger than we thing we are. We have inherent strength that allows us to not just cope, but also thrive. You and I just need to tap into this inner strength. How? By choosing to believe the truth that you can, rather than the lie that you cannot.

Understanding that you are limited and embracing the reality of it liberates you from unrealistic grandiose mental pictures of yourself and allows you to see the real you. The real you that you can work with. Instinctively we know those grandiose pictures are unreachable and we either never start or become discouraged on our way of creating our real life.

The liberation lies in the acceptance of both your strengths and your weakness. The real you. No need to make excused for the weakness, just accept and manage it. It does not define you. It is merely the shadows that give your life depth. If something comes along that falls inside the sphere of your weakness, as for help. We can go so much further through collaboration than shackling ourselves with a egocentric “I can do it myself”. Start using others strength.

Focus on your strengths. It will bring you joy. Share it with others, it will make your life meaningful. It will also make creating the life you want easier. In the end, embrace being limited and wisely channel your limited energy to bring you the most out of life.



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