Think in December, thrive in January

Most people are counting the days until they can finally close their 2012 diaries. The time of rest revitalises our bodies and provides the ideal opportunity to revitalise our imagination. Spending some thinking time on your business can ensure that you thrive in January while others are still in denial about being back at work.

Business Success Strategist Gina Mostert* shares insightful questions you may want to ask yourself:

Do you think like a leader – Do you have a positive and winning mindset, i.e. know how to gain confidence to step out of your comfort zone and take personal responsibility for achieving your ideal business or career vision?

Do you look like a leader — Do you have a powerful and appropriate professional or personal brand, i.e. dress for success, look like you mean business, and command the respect and credibility you deserve?

Do you communicate like a leader – How do you rate your presentation, public speaking and boardroom skills – i.e. do you use both your verbal and non-verbal communication skills to persuade and effectively bring across the message?

Do you network like a leader – What are you doing to build lasting and long-term relationships where you will be known, liked and trusted – i.e. who are you associating with, how are you connecting with them and how do you nurture these relationships?

According to a Fortune 500 survey, successful leaders spend almost half of their productive time (48%) networking, whilst effective leaders only spend an average of 11% of their time networking. Makes you think!

Do you take action like a leader – You know that your actions (or non-action) will determine your results and subsequent success, so how are you taking charge of your professional or business destiny – i.e. are you creating and developing habits that are serving you as a professional?

Envision your desired 2013 and then use your imagination to come up with innovative answers to these questions. And then enjoy reaching for your new diary.

* Gina Mostert is a Business Consultant and Coach and the owner of Inovizion (


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