2 Lies to Loose

Our mental maps are our servants that are supposed to help us deal with life.

They are the filters through which we interpret the world around us. We all have them and thankfully so. If they were not there, this world would have been to chaotic to be in.

A problem arises when these maps lead us astray. When the map in our mind is that of Venice in Italy, but the street in front of us our small hometown. Obviously we will walk into walls and down ditches that is not in Venice but in our real world they are.

Two of these maps that we have to get rid of is:

  1. Life has to be easy
  2. Someone will save me

The only time life is easy is in a mothers womb. The rest of life is either a struggle or an adventure. Depends on what you interpret the map. So through away the map that says life must be easy. It is a very, very immature belief system. Unborn babies are the only ones that may claim it. The rest of us need to face the music.

Once we get rid of the lie, we have to put in place the truth. The truth I suggest is that life is one big adventure. That a kite can only fly against the wind, That every challenge that come my way is a compliment. A compliment of my ability to deal with life. That my talent will only grow when the challenge increase.

Let the new map dictate that for me to be in Flow (optimal human performance) life’s challenges need to compliment my strengths.

The second lie we need to loose, is the expectation that someone will come and save me. This also comes from childhood were mom or dad will pick me up, or do my chores for me. This lie cripples us.

The truth is, we need to take responsibility of our own life. You are the one that is going to give your life an make-over. Not Oprah or some rich uncle. You.

You have the ability. You have the dream. You have the brain to find a way. You have in you everything you need. Start using it.

So grow up and create that life you always dream of.

Still growing


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