Love is…

Love is that what you do to leave the one you love better off.

Love is – present tense. The promise of future love or the memory of love does not count. It is what you do today that counts. Do not postpone to love someone, you or your loves one may not be here tomorrow. Also do not rest on acts of love in the past. It may be a good foundation. But we cannot live on a foundation only. Love now!

Love is what you do – it is a verb. Intentions does not count. Words are just name tags we place on our actions. Actions of kindness like bring your loved one coffee. The action of listening to understand, not to respond. The action of walking away from work to be with your loved one for dinner. In the end, we will be judged by our actions.

Love is what you do to leave your loved one better off. Every action has a ripple effect. Like a pebble that falls into water. Make sure the ripple effect you have, leaves the one you love better of.

All relationships are temporary. Love is not forever. Either you or your loved one will leave. Whether it is in 2 months or in 60 years. So love!


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