Strange Joy

There is a strange joy in mastering yourself.

This afternoon I had a chat to an old friend about this exceptional position we find ourselves in. We are constantly experiencing joy in the process living our life.

Not that our lives are perfect. In fact, because our lives are imperfect, because we are uncomfortable in situations, we find joy.


We find ourselves making mistakes, but not cringing before them.

We find ourselves engaging with life in the most truthful way we can, concentrating to be our true self in any situation.

Enjoying the love we find growing in us towards ourselves.

We struggle to remember when last we were judgmental towards ourselves.

Yet we constantly ask ourselves if this is all there is, and smile when we realize – yes, for this moment, this is all there is.

We catch a sweet expectation of more beauty to come, living in us. And we are grateful for the beauty that is present.

Beauty, that comes, not from the external successes, but from the commitment to our passion.

And our passion asks from us, that we master ourselves. That we uncompromising drive, to take our complexity and make is simple and to fearfully try to understand our simplicity in all its complexity.

In this journey, we find our reward is a strange joy.



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