What really is greatness?

Who defines it? Can someone own it? Is it something one has to search for, make, build or grow within one’s self? Is it a concept one must learn from others? And is it in reach of all or only the select few?

Can a man who works day in and out, without complaint, to feed his family be called great?
Can we call a flower great? An earthquake great?
Is the invention of paper, television, medicine great?
Can we call ourselves great?

We so often repeat words like success, happiness, wholeness, drive and achievement and so seldom take the time to define what these terms mean to us.

Have you ever questioned where your ideas of greatness come from?

And whether or not those ideas are ones that reflect who you really are and what, deep within you, you know to be the truth?

Today we challenge you… look around you, can you see greatness?
Look within you, do you recognize power?

Question what you accept as your reality, for often that reality is shaped by another’s imaginings.

– Seriti


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