Sindy’s Story

Success is not measured by what you achieve, but by what you overcome to achieve it.

Yesterday this truth was brought home in a powerful way. I have the privilege to mentor a emerging entrepreneur form a disadvantaged community. We had a talk yesterday and I want to share her success story.

She grew up in a rural settlement of about 300 people. Her parents past away when she was 18. She had a child at 16, so she dropped out of school. Started her own business as a hairdresser. Pays for her younger sisters tertiary education as well as for her own two boys primary education. She is married to a man that only visits once a month and then either verbally abuse her or spends the weekend with his friends. Yet she manages to save R150.00 per month for each of her boys future education.

In her community she faces a culture where woman are not really seen as equals. She survived a burglary and competes with other small businesses in a closed and poor market. Yet she looks after herself and goes to the gym on a regular basis.

She still wants to develop her business and open a second salon in a mall. But as with a lot of these entrepreneurs, the actual development is hampered by their environment.

I tell you this story to invite you to step out of the small world that we who are privileged tend to create around ourselves.

I hope that you remember Sindy the next time you want to complain about the increase of petrol or your boss that does not want to understand your reasons for taking leave.

I hope she inspires you to actually start saving for your dream and not just to swipe you card. I hope she inspires you to see every obstacle in your path as another stepping stone too you personal success.

With respect.


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