Dealing with disappointment

Dealing disappointment has always been a bit challenging.

Recently I had to deal with it. From last year I was offered a opportunity that I really wanted. It would have soothed a lot of needs. Needs like feeling more confidant in dealing with my clients, a need to expand my boundaries and travel the world.

Well, this week I received the news that this opportunity was not to be as I envisioned it.

I recognized the source of the disappointment I felt. The attachment to this specific outcome, the expectation that something new an exiting was to come my way. Both of these characters are well known to me and I have come to trust their consistency to disappoint.

Unfortunately I have not yet cut myself from them. They frequently come to visit.

I am grateful to share that, although they are still visitors, I have grown to deal with them more effectively. Deepak Chopra is one of my guides in this. In one of his laws he states “trusting that when things don’t seem to go my way, there is a reason, and that the cosmic plan has designs for me much grander than even those I have conceived.”

The first step in dealing with disappointment then is to acknowledge that my expectations or imaginations are limited. Through this acknowledgment I can release the outcome to come to its own fullness and not be bound by my shortsightedness.

Hand in hand with this law of intention and desire, is the law of commitment. Commitment is different from attachment in that attachment is a emotional weight we put on a specific outcome. As we have seen. This weight is also the weight of our disappointment.

Commitment on the other hand is an engagement to a cause. In this engagement there is a knowledge that there is a process of creation. And in this process the pain of disappointment is just on of the many steps in the  fulfillment of the cause.

It also puts in perspective the needs we have. Needs are signals of deeper growth opportunities. In my case I though the need to be more confidant in dealing with my clients would be fulfilled with more knowledge. I now realize that more knowledge would have inhibited my intuition. Now I have the opportunity to develop this deeper knowledge, which I suspect will result in much more confidence.

So again – this round of disappointment brings with it a gift. I hope yours does too.

Gratefully Disappointed


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