A Map of the Mind

“The time of great explorers and emperors has passed, but there are still a few precious territories to discover. We can explore our own boundaries and the boundaries of our lives. ” – Garry Kasparov

Most people live in a world given to them. Very few are willing to do the hard work of creating their own world. They find it easier to complain and criticize. This laziness also make them the target of those that know that there is money to make out of lazy people.

I find the laziest thing most people struggle with is the willingness to think.

Our mind is an awesome organ. If you could link up all the blood vessels in you brain in a string, it would circumvent the earth four times. Amazing is it not?

Our brain is a connection making machine. It constantly connects impulses to know information, trying to make sense of what we experience. It builds intricate networks between concepts, memories and expectations. This process can be seen as a map forming in our brain of any given concept. We have maps of everything we know. From maps about religion to maps of how we tie our shoes. Layer upon layer, one brain map on top of another.

The challenge comes when we accept these maps as the only reality we have. The fact is, reality is so much bigger than our experience of it. Even our own reality (the one in your head) is bigger than our experience of it.

For me this opens up a whole new world to explore. Why do I think the way I think? What lies behind this thinking habit? Does this way of thinking lead to what I want? If not, how can I change it.

Like Marco Polo or Livingstone we can start an adventurous exploration into our own mind. The good news is there are guides along the way. Get a good Life Coach, read a book on the subject, start journal-ling. But start to explore your thinking boundaries.

Yes, it is hard work. But nothing worthwhile comes easy. And when you pay for something. even if it is with your own blood, sweat and tears, then the value of that thing has no measurement.

“The secret then is to pursue these challenges instead of avoiding them” – Kasparov

Happy hunting


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