Focused Motivation (part 2)

The focus part of focused motivation (aka flow) is also important.

Focus is simply the ability to direct your attention in a desired direction.

A focused person leverages power. Take a magnifying glass. Use it to focus the power of the sun and you can start a fire. The same amount of energy is there with or without the glass. but the energy is directed through the device. A laser can cut through steel with the same amount of power that goes through a 75-watt light bulb. The difference is focus.

One of the keys to understanding focus and thereby becoming more focused is our ability to select what we pay attention to.

Selective attention happens automatically. Our  senses are constantly bombarded by information but we do not pay attention to everything. We may hear the birds singing when we wake up, but throughout the day we do not hear them even though they are still singing.

This selective attention is directed by our perception of what is important in that moment. Our perception therefore plays a important role. First we need to think a bit more about selective attention. Selective attention is the process of choosing what is relevant and what is irrelevant for our goal. This is mostly a subconscious process, but when we start observing the process it becomes a powerful tool in achieving that state of focus we want.

To be able to do this, we need to look at our perceptions. Perceptions can be seen as our accepted mind maps about something. It is a synthesis of a lot of information, conditioning, experiences and opinions. We need them to function from day to day. But not all perceptions are enabling perceptions (see the first post on focused motivation).

When a perception is enabling, we find it easy to focus our attention. The opposite is true for disabling perceptions. Understanding this process empowers us to choose consciously on what we will pay attention. Identify those disabling perceptions and replace them with enabling perceptions.

So the ability to focus  helps us to zoom in on that goal we are committed to.

Be focused and motivated.


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